Necromancer Beta: Cannot login to purchase Necromancer

  • I received access to the Necromancer beta today, and after installing it I followed the instructions in the email in game. When I get to the step that tells me to "Follow the Purchase button to the in-game Shop", it asks me to log in again. Should be no big deal.

    However, it is not letting me log in, saying that my information is incorrect everytime. I am certain that my information is correct. I have typed it out and double checked it multiple times. I have also logged into blizzards web sites successfully and the D3 Beta normal login screen successfully. It is just the shop screen that will not let me in, from within the D3 beta client. I have an authenticator on my account, and it is after this step that I am told that my information is incorrect. What can I do from here?

    Also sorry if this kind of thing should go in a separate area for beta support.
  • Hey all,

    We are currently aware that some users are having problems logging into the beta at this time. It is currently under investigation. We don't have an ETA on a fix just yet but with any testing here are going to be hiccups along the way. Hopefully we will have it resolved soon.

    If you do have access to the Beta forums I would keep an eye on the sticky post here, otherwise we will try to update in these forums when the issue is resolved.
  • 04/26/2017 11:09 AMPosted by Atigeve
    @Beigelstin Why dont many of us who have access to the beta not have access to the beta forums? This seems a bit counter productive.
    That is something we are aware of, in some cases it should resolve itself 24hours after getting your invite, you can try to perform a Password Reset to refresh your account, but beyond that it is being looked into.
  • 04/26/2017 12:07 PMPosted by Keegan2486
    @Beigelstin thank you for an update, but sadly the link you provided for the sticky leads to a "404 Page not Found"
    I've gone ahead and mirrored the post at and we will keep updates posted there as they are available.
  • DemonsBlight, please try the steps MissCheetah post.

    05/12/2017 09:30 AMPosted by MissCheetah

    The work around is to use another character and then go to the Cosmetics mirror tab at the bottom right. From there go to the proper Collection and you can purchase it using the token Blizzard gave you.