Seven Days Without A Response...


    If you guys at Blizzard don't want me to play the game anymore, you're doing a good job of convincing me.
  • MrSentinel66,

    If you happen to have Nvidia's GeForce Experience installed and running, could you try uninstalling it and then rebooting to retest the game?
  • MrSentinel66,

    A screen shot could definitely help. I'm pretty sure your issue isn't with the game, it's got to be something else on your system. Someone may recognize what's going on if we could actually see it.

    You can also send me an MsInfo report if you like via an email to Tech[email protected] Attn: Omrakos. Instructions for generating the report can be found here:

    Go ahead and include the DxDiag info too if you would please.
  • MrSentinel66,

    Thanks for the MsInfo report via email. I’m not seeing any applications running that I could point to as being able to cause your symptom. Let’s try using the Reset In-Game Options button in the Blizzard Desktop app. To do that, open the Desktop app and select Diablo III along the left by left clicking it once, then select Options. Select Game Settings and you should see where the button can be selected.

    If that doesn't happen to help, I'll need to see the DxDiag report I mentioned earlier still along with your D3Debug.txt file which is in your main Diablo III game folder.