PC Freeze after diablo

  • So i have this Wierd problem Wich a GM couldn't solve through a ticked.

    while i play diablo my game over time goes and runs slower and slower. like after 30 min of rifting or whatever the games becomes laggy beyond belief. while this is very annoying this isnt the main reason i made this post.

    so after 30 min or even after 5 min of play. i quit the game and then my whole PC freezes for 5-10 minutes i can not interact with annything on the pc but the screen in refreshing since task manager moves the processes arround. so i kept task manager open for once on my second monitor. and to my suprice diablo.exe keeps running in the background until the freeze stops.

    so to summarize:
    1. when i quit game.
    2. my PC freezes
    3. diablo.exe keeps running till freeze is gone.
    4. its very annoying.

    annyone with this isue ?
  • Hey Calipoz,

    Have you checked system temps when this is occurring? What is your GPU and CPU temps at when you are experiencing this?