Even your app is a stuttering mess

  • What exactly are you guys doing to this game? Every single major update breaks so many things for so many people. The launcher can't even smoothly render the green things flowing around the leaf.
  • Hey Shufulufugus,

    Looking at this, it is likely going to come down to an issue on your system. I double checked and that graphic on the app renders just fine on my machine. I would definitely make sure that your video drivers and Windows is up to date.

    To look into this for you I would like to get a copy of your DXDIAG. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply between the [code][/code] tags and we can go from there.
  • Hey all,

    Just to add on to what has been said already, I did verify something specifically about the green particles that are flowing around the green leaf in the "Season Now Live" graphic on the Diablo 3 page in the Blizzard app.

    - If you have the Blizzard app selected (meaning it is in focus and you don't have another application selected like Google Chrome for example) the green particles will appear to flow upwards much more smoothly. Lets say they are rendering at 60 FPS.

    - If you do not have the Blizzard app selected, so it is not in focus and you have a different application selected, the green particles will appear to flow not as smoothly. Lets say around 30 FPS.

    So there is a clear difference in how things in the app will render when you have it selected versus when it is not selected.

    Additionally, our devs are looking into an issue right now that can cause the Blizzard app to be slow in performance or hang, primarily on Windows 7 machines. Here's a possible workaround that may help if this sounds like your case: