Crash to desktop after launch?

  • I'm sorry if there is a post for this already ,I can't seem to find it.
    Basically after I press play i get the grey screen and afterwards i get the "checking for new content" screen very briefly right before it crashes. I have been playing the game on this very PC for a long time so I'm positive it's not a problem with my specs.

    This is the error code it tells me to report: BC2DDF33-F8EB-4A8E-BB7C-1984ADC1BCF6

    Thanks for your attention and I hope I didn't just miss an existing post with the solution for this.
  • Smawds,

    You're running pretty old drivers for your Nvidia GTX 960M (353.54).

    Let's try updating to the latest drivers they have now. (381.65)