Unable to select any game mode for Necro Beta

  • I am able to login successfully and my existing Necromancer from earlier today is there.

    I am unable to start any game: Campaign, Adventure, or Challenge Rifts. I've tried to use my existing necro and also to create a new one.
  • That would indicate you haven't been flagged yet for the Necromancer Feedback forum.

    Here's what Nevalistis said in that post:

    Hey all,

    As an update to the first point, we will be taking down the Necromancer class tomorrow, April 18 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. After this time, we fully encourage you to explore and test some of our other Patch 2.6.0 features, such as Challenge Rifts and the new zones that have been added to Act II and IV.

    We'll update this thread once the Necromancer is available for testing again.


    The Necromancer is now offline.

    As a reminder, character copy is live. However, please be aware that copying over your live characters will overwrite any progress you currently have on the Closed Beta. This includes any existing Necromancers you have leveled. If you utilize Character Copy at this point, you will need to re-level a Necromancer once the class is back online.
  • jonogo,

    I think it just takes a little time after being accepted into the beta. Customer Support isn't able to do it for you though I'm afraid.
  • Hey all,

    We are currently aware that some users are having problems logging into the beta at this time. It is currently under investigation. We don't have an ETA on a fix just yet but with any testing here are going to be hiccups along the way. Hopefully we will have it resolved soon.

    If you do have access to the Beta forums I would keep an eye on the sticky post here, otherwise we will try to update in these forums when the issue is resolved.