Texture glitch after GPU upgrade

  • Just upgraded to a GTX 1070. Loaded up D3 and some textures are not displaying properly. Things like torch shadows, and things that stick into the foreground (rocks, posts, etc), and also the hero base on the menu screen, are showing as some static-ish texture instead of their normal skin. Drivers are up to date, other games seem to work just fine. I've tried adjusting every setting I can find to correct the issue. Here's a screenshot.

  • Hey Gatekeeper,

    I would make sure to uninstall your old driver with DDU(http://www.guru3d.com/files-tags/download-ddu.html) and then reinstall the latest driver for your card. I would also make sure that your power supply is more then sufficient as if this is not a driver issue it could potentially be a hardware failure with the card itself.
  • frostphorus,

    Can you link a screenshot please? Sounds like another app is popping up something there. If you have any apps using overlays, try disabling them.