Game vanishes sometimes

  • Got a random issue where the game appears to crash/close/suddenly exit or just plan vanish, but I guess it is technically minimized as the game process is still running. However, the game is not on the taskbar for me to go back to fullscreen. Instead its a background process that I need to end task from the task manager to be able to reopen the game.
    This issue is so random and and has only occured less than a handful of times, so replicating it is difficult.
    Any idea's what I can do to either solve this? or at least work out why this would happen.
  • Emtherion,

    If you haven't already try running the game in windowed mode or windowed fullscreen. It sounds like something is taking was to be the main focus and it's not the game.
    I also do recommend running in selective startup to see if it is in fact another program being demanding or if the game is acting up.

    Let me know if it is still happening.

    ~ Zayssie