Windows Creators Update + Nvidia driver 381.65 stutters

  • So I recently installed the new windows creators update, and also the newest nvidia driver (381.65).

    Since then Diablo is stuttering really bad for me.
    I updated every driver on my system.

    After reading on the forums, I found that driver 376.33 doesn't have this issue.
    And I tested this too, and the stuttering is gone with 376.33.

    So there seems to be problem with Diablo in combination with the newest nvidia driver or the creators update from microsoft.

    I hope you can look into this Blizzard.
  • We've seen issues with the newest drivers for AMD cards too in other games as well when using the latest Windows 10 Creator release. We'll need to wait until Amd, Nvidia, or MIcrosoft can investigate but in the meantime, if you're having trouble with a new driver, we suggest reverting to an older one that worked properly for you.