Corsair CUE Integration

  • From the current patch notes:

    "Support has been added for the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) SDK and Razer peripherals
    Supported backlit keyboards will respond to certain in-game situations like Legendary and Set item drops, characters leveling up, and more
    Players will need to update their firmware for supported devices to use this feature"

    How in the _hell_ do I turn this off? And why would I ever want a game to change the configuration on _my_ hardware, without _my_ permission?

    I can't find any settings in game that seem to control this, and no settings in the Corsair Cue software seem to control this. I don't care that this ability is available, I'm very upset that I seem to have no control over it, and never gave my permission for it to happen in the first place. Unless this is one of those "you agreed to the terms of use, therefore you agreed to allow us to monkey with the settings on your hardware" kinds of things.
  • Please do try to refrain from bringing back old threads like this ^_^

    For anyone who was curious, you can disable the lighting effects by manually editing the D3Prefs.txt file located in the Documents\Diablo III folder. At the bottom of the file you'll want to add:
    <code>DisableChromaEffects "1"</code>