Not Supported?

  • Hi. I just updated my drivers to crimson 17.4.1 for my R9 380 and I loaded up the blizzard launcher and it said my card isn't supported.

    Your support article says the Rx 300 series are supported.

    What should I do?

    Ugh, it won't launch. I have to rollback ffs...
  • Hello Joltacks,

    The R9 380 is definitely supported, so this sounds like it could potentially be a bug. If it just started happening after updating the drivers it could be an issue with the app not recognizing the newest drivers yet, or it could be an issue with the drivers themselves.

    You might try reinstalling the Blizzard app to see if that clears things up while using the new drivers.

    1) Delete the app tools folder
    2) Delete the app cache folder
    3) Uninstall the app via the Control Panel
    4) Redownload and reinstall the Blizzard app
  • You might try the latest AMD 17.4.2 drivers, especially if you're using the new Windows 10 Creator release.
  • Joltacks,

    I wouldn't try any of the non-WHQL releases yet, AMD lists them as "Optional" which is what 17.5.2 is.

    Were you able to use 17.4.2 back when I suggested it?
  • Hey Joltacks,

    If you have not yet try the steps SilverFox posted.

    I have seen this message pop up when Windows is not fully up to date too. Make sure Windows is up to date.

    Next let's reset some of the Diablo III files. Open the Documents folder in Windows. In the Documents folder there will be a Diablo III game folder. Delete the Diablo III folder.
  • Thank you for letting us know what fixed this for you. :)