error code: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8

  • (Quick note:I'm fairly new to problems on PC as i grew up a console gamer, but I'll try my best to give the correct information.)

    It's happened to me twice now that I've been playing Diablo and the game suddenly freezes, then when i finally get it to shut down the game it needs to be updated, yet wont. The first time I checked the troubleshooting steps and it helped solve my problem, this time I've gone through all of the step again and it still keeps giving me the error code.

    steps taken:
    I've checked my security programs (most of which are labeled friendly on the support forum)
    I'm currently directly connected to my modem, running about 800-900Mbps
    I have the app set to run as administrator
    I've tried a couple times to run the repair tool, as that's what fixed it before
    and I followed the steps on disabling any proxys

    the only two things i have not tried are resetting my router(I'm not the only one using it so that comes with complaints) or un/reinstalling the game/app

    any help to get Diablo working again, and much more to help me know why this is happening to prevent it, would be GREATLY appreciated.
  • Aether,

    With the BB8 error usually running the repair tool fixes it up. If it keeps happening and reinstalling the Blizzard App does not fix it then you will want to dot he following.

    * Malware/virus scan.

    * Closing background applications. Sometimes another program likes to cause trouble with D3.

    * Repair the indices folder and run the repair tool again.

    In the Blizzard Desktop application, on the Game Launch page of the game in question, click Options > Show in Explorer.
    Open the game folder. (IE: Diablo III)
    Open the Data sub-folder.
    Locate and delete the Indices sub-folder.
    Return to the Blizzard App.
    Scan and Repair the game.

    If it continues please let me know.

    ~ Zayssie