Diablo III not working with UAC

  • Since 2.5 went live I have noticed that my game client doesn't seem to be saving settings.

    Ex, every time I start the game the select game mode window, select play style window, the new season window, the game difficulty window and the whats new in 2.5 windows pops up.

    Ex, Chat settings and changes to news settings for clan, ie hiding items, reset to default every launch.

    Changing UAC (User Account Control) from never to default fixes the above issues. Setting UAC back to never causes the above to happen again. Seems there is a permission error in your code somewhere.

    Running Windows 8.1.
  • Sorry to hear this is happening BunzBun.

    If you can, please share your DXDiag info, as this will help us narrow down what's causing this. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

    Once you've done so, hit the "code" button when replying here in the forum and paste the entirety of the report in between the sets of brackets.

    Thanks so much.