Hero list order messed up since 2.5

  • Since patch 2.5, (nearly) every time I start up the game I am treated to the "What's New?" screen. I can live with this.

    However, the list containing my heroes seems to be shuffled about each time as well. I corrected the order the last time this happened and it just happened again.

    In my experience, the hero order was always messed up on the PTR, but this has never before happened in the live version.

    Fix this.
  • Hey all, sorry to hear this is happening.

    If you can, please share your DXDiag info, as this will help us narrow down what's causing this. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

    Once you've done so, hit the "code" button when replying here in the forum and paste the entirety of the report in between the sets of brackets.