FPS stuttering (Not resolved) 20+days no response

  • I am having weird FPS stuttering and drops that are not normal for my set up and I have never experienced this in the past before. The drops seem the most aggressive and prominent when I walk up the blacksmith for some reason.

    Being solo or in a group of 4 doesn't change how the fps fluctuates. It is very consistent and the drops are every so many moments.
  • Hey Snow,

    I would make sure your system is fully update to date especially your Video drivers. I would also perform a Selective Startup to make sure there is nothing running in the background using system resources.

    However if this persists I would like to get a copy of your DXDIAG. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply between the [code][/code] tags and we can go from there.
  • @Acona
    I would start by updating the Nvidia drivers as it looks like you’re on version 378.92. the most up to date drivers can be found here. From there it looks like you might be using a VGA adapter to connect to the monitor. If you have a HDMI or DVI cable, we’d like to swap to a straight connection with no adapters for testing.

    @MrChupon @FlameMage @Snow
    I would like you each to try playing with sound disabled in the in-game settings to see if there’s any difference in performance with that.