My Diablo 3 characters have gone missing

  • Hi Customer Support

    I have 2 character that I have been playing using the guest pass. And both of them I was able to play even after I bought the game and registered the product key. But after logging in a while ago I found out that both of my characters are gone.

    Please advice on how I can fix this.


  • IronMaiden,

    I can assure you, there's no way characters were transferred between regions. It's simply not possible to do that. In looking at the account, I can't see any characters on it at the moment. I do see the account was accessed from at least 3 different locations/ISPs in the last few days indicating a possible compromise.

    You'll need to submit a support ticket so your character issue can be investigated.

    This article will lead you through the process.
  • Hey all,

    There is currently an issue that could cause the game client to log in to a different one you selects. We do have some workarounds that can help get logged in to the right region here:

    In the future please create a new post instead of replying to such old posts. This one is originally from 2012.