All (Chat?) Game Settings Reset?

  • I played earlier today and toyed around with new patch 2.5 stuffs just fine.

    I just logged in again a few moments ago and it appears all of my game settings are reset to default? First it popped up with the 2.4 patch notes, and when I closed that popup window it immediately took me to the Torment select screen. I selected my torment level and only then was taken to the default screen where I can log into a game.

    I had left the chat of all of my communities. All of my clan settings were back to default - including the announcement of all loot which is crazy spammy. All of the chat colors for EVERYTHING were back to the defaults.

    My Video/Sound options seem to be unchanged, and at first glance my keybindings still seem to be there, so it doesn't look like ALL game settings were reset after all...just all chat-based ones? o.O

    Edit: This is also weird, but my characters on the character select window are all reversed. o.O My DH was at the top since she's my most geared character, followed by my Crusader from s9, then wiz, monk, barb, wd. Now the WD is at the top, followed by barb, monk, wiz, sader, DH at the bottom. o.O
  • Hey all,

    To help track down what is causing these settings to keep resting I would like you all to try something with the game client.

    1) Set it to launch with the Run as Administrator option.
    2) Then set everything the way you want it.
    3) Next log out and exit Diablo III
    4) Relaunch Diablo III with the Run as Administrator option still set.

    If that does not make a difference, see if creating and using a new administrator account and then try steps 2 through 4 again.

    Post back if the settings stayed or still reset.
  • I believe this has been identified internally and fixed. We're just waiting for the next patch to hopefully see the fix implemented. I don't have an ETA as to when that might be.