Thanks D3 team

  • Logged on to play D3 after the patch and was greatly frustrated to find my Demon Hunter is missing all the gear I worked so long and hard for. When I logged on my Demon Hunter was equipped with a old set I use to use many months ago and to add insult to injury my 2 rings, amulet and forearms were missing. I've searched everywhere for the lost gear but could not locate anywhere. So I did some reading on your forum to search for a solution to my missing gear. I quickly discovered I'm no longer able to do a "ticket" but one of your suggestion was a rollback. When I attempted to do just that, it said I had no roll back point. So now I'm sitting here wondering what I can do, seems like Blizzard could really care less about their costumers and the hard work we put into developing our characters. I simply wanted to enjoy playing me Demon Hunter I worked so long and hard to develop. I just don't understand how my gear came up missing, and yes I'm sure my account was not hacked. Blizzard you screwed this up ,now fix it!
  • Noshi2112,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated with the situation, although understandably so. MissCheetah is not a Blizzard employee and does not speak for or represent the company. She is a player like yourself that happens to have MVP posting abilities (the green text) because she has shown to be very helpful in the community.

    Items don't simply disappear when the game is patched (especially on just one character) so I believe that something else is amiss here. If the gear is not in your stash, and assuming that someone else didn't compromise your password to log into your account and maliciously sell your gear on just the Demon Hunter, the only other explanation is that you are checking the wrong character.

    I see two level 70 Demon Hunters on your account. One named Edhunter, who is missing his amulet, two rings, and bracers. The other is named Slick who has a different set of gear and does have an amulet, rings, and bracers.