No audio for d3

  • Havent had sound since dl'd patch / win10... help
  • Hello Ghost!

    Sorry to hear that... well, that you can't hear ><

    With audio issues, I find a lot of the time it's simple things that were overlooked. First, of course, will be to launch the game and go into the Options. Under Sound, make sure it's enabled and that the master volume slider isn't on 0.

    With the game running, you can also right-click the speaker icon on your Windows taskbar (you might have to alt-tab out of the game first). Choose Open Volume Mixer and try adjusting the individual level for the Diablo III app there.

    Finally, we can check audio drivers on your system for updates. Go into the Device Manager (Windows key and type 'device manager'), then expand the Sound, video and game controllers category. Right-click each device listed there, and check for driver updates.

    Best of luck in your adventures :)