Network disconnecting after patch 2.5

  • Hello guys, I'm currently experiencing that after the 2.5 patch i couldnt get into the game screen after selecting character, showing network disconnect, eventhough I have tried reinstalling diablo and, and my internet is going well. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? thank you!
  • Hey folks,

    If you aren't able to connect to the game after the patch, it could mean the patch data itself was corrupted. This isn't happening for everybody, but can those of you affected:

    Try launching after all that and let me know how that goes!
  • wfp007,

    You probably have a totally different issue if is giving you problems too. What's doing? Are you even able to log in? Do you get any error messages?
  • PapayaTan97,

    No problem! This is what we're here for. :D Apart from that, let's try doing some things to clear your network caches out. One of them may have some old or corrupt data.

    If none of this works, we can check into the connection itself using an MTR test.

      1. Go to the WinMTR.NET site and download the file from the right hand side of the page. (The purple button.)
      2. Double click WinMTR.NET file in your download folder
      3. Enter the following in the "Host" blank:
      4. Click Start and let the test run for 5 minutes while having trouble with your connection
      5. Click Stop
      6. Click Copy text to clipboard
      7. Paste your WinMTR test on your next post.
      8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the IP

    If you post the results of that to your next post, we can look to see if there's some kind of problem between your house and our servers.


    Okay, that's a totally different issue. Can you please post about your issue in the Tech Forums? Feel free to link me to your new thread and I'll take a look next time I get a chance (if nobody else gets to you first!)
  • Hello again PapayaTan97,

    I looked over your WinMTRs and the actual connection looks fine. However, it is missing a lot of data, and you seem to be going through a lot of routers before you hit the internet. I wonder if the problem has to do with you being behind a university firewall? Your issue is different from the other players in this thread in that you can't connect to your characters at all. You already ruled out the new game data. Can you check your firewalls and security programs for me?

      - Configure Firewalls - make sure to also configure your router and ensure that all of the ports needed have been allowed through the university firewall as well.
      - You also may want to add exceptions in any antivirus programs you have, or even temporarily uninstall them.
      - Finally, let's try creating a new administrator account and trying to play from there. In some cases we find that an operating system permission problem will cause this.
  • Thank you for your reports. This thread is from a year ago, however.

    If we can start a new thread on the disconnection issues, including connection tests (ie. Traceroute, Pathping, WinMTR) and your Internet Service Provider, we can look for where the issue or trends may be.

    Thanks, again! This thread has been locked.