Constant Crashes after Patch 2.5

  • Stop deleting my thread. It doesn’t violate any rules of this forum and is a legitimate post for technical support of game related errors. Deleting my thread 3 times in a row will not help anyone or cover up for these foul-ups.

    Generic Info:

    Windows 10 (x64 bit).
    AMD graphics drivers.

    Everything worked fine up until the patch.


    1. Constant crashes and errors resulting from both Diablo III and the Blizzard launcher.
    2. Computer crashes and freezes resulting from #1 (TDR/Video failure) .
    3. Errors seen in the system event viewer report this is resulting from dxgkrnl, atikmpag, and other related graphics drivers.


    -Clean uninstall/install of all related drivers and software.
    -Clean uninstall/install of
    -Clean uninstall/install of Diablo III.
    -Disabling Internet Properties>connections>Lan Settings (auto detect settings to off). (I heard this might work, but it didn't do anything).
    -Restarting the computer multiple times during all of the above.
    -Performed GPU stress tests (99% load) for an hour without any resulting errors, artifacts, or crashes.


    Fix the game. I've seen many other people with similar problems occurring around the same time as this patch.

    I have multiples of these report IDs from today. Here is one, just for reference.

    Report ID: 4B690965-712D-4FC6-89DF-24596634C8F1
  • Deckard,

    Are you sure you're on the latest AMD video drivers? Near as I can tell, you're using Catalyst 15.8 which is not the latest.

    2017.03.21 23:01:52.345056700 Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
    2017.03.21 23:01:52.345472700 Video Driver: 21.19.525.258
    2017.03.21 23:01:52.345677400 Video RAM: 3056 MB
    2017.03.21 23:01:52.345862400 PCI Vendor and Device: 1002, 679A

    Can you try using the Crimson Relive 17.2.1 release and see if they make a difference?