bad lag really bad

  • Blizz, since patch the game is laggy and it stops and goes alot.
    I can tell is not me cause it is happening to a few people I play with. some just can't play, since every other step we die.

    But really can you fix this problem.

    thanks so much and awesome job you done Love the game since day 1. :-)
  • Hey there DEATHY!

    Read over this and I would like to get a better look at how the connection is being routed to the servers. For that I'd want to get some traceroute results. Steps on how to obtain those can be found here!
  • 03/21/2017 03:24 PMPosted by Dantesco
    Hey, so im having the same problem, terrible lag after the patch, and everything else is working peachy, and i mean web browsing and other blizzard games, WOW, HS, HotS, everything with a max of 90ms.
    here is my tracer

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

    1 115 ms 113 ms 115 ms

    Trace complete.

    so? what should i do?

    Is this your full traceroute? Generally the test is going to go over multiple hops rather than straight to the address you're testing with. At the very least we should see your modem\router as the first hop.
  • Let's try grabbing a WinMTR test instead. Have steps for that below!
      1. Download WinMTR from
      2. Run the WinMTR.NET.exe application If you get any errors make sure to run as admin.
      3. From there start the game. We'll want to follow the instructions here to obtain the IP address:
      4. Type the IP address into the "Host" field.
      5. Click on "Start". We'll run the winMTR for about 10 minutes during the issue. Once done minimize the game and click on "Stop".
      6. Click on "Copy Text to Clipboard" and paste the results in your next response.
  • Hmmm, it does seem like something may be causing issues with the tests. I'd like to try a few things here and see if there's any difference in latency.

    Starting out, if you're part of any communities, let's look into leaving them temporarily. There was a previous issue where updating the community data was causing stuttering\lag for players.

    From there let's go through with a DNS flush in case there's any cached data that might be causing problems.

    Last thing I'd look into for now is testing on a different connection if you have the option. If you have a phone and data plan that supports tethering, we can try setting up a USB tether or mobile hotspot to connect through and see if we run into the same issue.
  • Hey all,

    There are a ton of different issues being posted in this one forum, far too many for us to address at once. We can see from some of these traceroutes/MTR tests that there are problems with some of your routers, problems with part of the internet's backbone out in chicago, problems with what's probably wifi for others, and some people don't even have an internet issue at all which tells me it could be a program on their PC. Because of how many people are reporting in this one thread, however, we can't address all the reports at once. This doesn't look like a server side issue from what we see on our end - the number of people connected to the games has been pretty stable.

    My best recommendation for you is to follow the troubleshooting for this kind of problem to rule out most of the things that are in your control. If you still have problems, and aren't Dantesco or DEATHY, just start your own thread with an MTR test and a list of what you tried to fix the problem on your own. We can look over these to find more options.

    Edit: One more thing - a couple of you seem to be on Charter in Wisconsin. If this applies to you (or you're near there on the same ISP) and you're having this problem, can one of you post a thread and link it here so we can get you all in one place?