PTR 2.5.0 Now offline with Release of Public 2.5.0?

  • I keep getting "Diablo 3 Game Servers Offline, Try again later (Code 34200)" error when trying to access the PTR. Is PTR no longer on-line now that patch 2.5.0 has been released? Doesn't make sense as the season won't start for another week or so and we can't create new seasonal characters yet.
  • Hey Skorlag,

    The Diablo III PTR is currently down. The PTR is used to test new patches of Diablo III. With the release of 2.5 on the live servers 2.5 is no longer needed to be tested on the PTR. I recommend keeping an eye on the PTR forums to see when the new patch for Diablo III will be available for testing on the PTR.
  • DeathClaw,

    They just get deleted unless the QA Team decides to leave them, but they're only usable on the PTR. When the next PTR comes around, you'll most likely need to start over anyways. The PTR is not a replacement for playing the game, it's just there so you can test new things and report problems you encounter.