Unexpected Error when opening D3

  • Hi,
    I'm getting an Unexpected Error when opening D3 through the battle.net app recently (It was working 2 days ago).
    My report ID is E348FE37-688D-431F-92F8-9F6ADCBC1EA1.
    I have updated to the latest drivers, tried uninstalling battle.net/blizzard entertainment/related folders and reinstalling them. I have disabled streaming through the battle.net app and I am running out of fixes at this point if anybody could help me out I'd really appreciate it


    My DxDiag:

  • Hey Meligrove!

    Can you please try updating your NVidia drivers and following the steps over here. =)
  • Meligrove,

    Could you see if using the game's 32-bit client makes any difference?

    Open Blizzard App
    Select Diablo III along the left side by clicking on the icon once
    Select Options
    Select Game Settings
    Under the Diablo III section, select Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit)

    Test the game again