Please make the toasts stop!

  • I don't really feel like updating games I don't play very often. If I did, I'd have auto-update on.

    I don't mind knowing when my friends pop onto a Blizzard game, but I REALLY don't care that HOTS needs patching. If I had the desire to play it, I'd patch it.

    Do I need to delete the games I don't play very often or am I just missing how I permanently turn off JUST the "you need to patch your games" toast?
  • Dembai,

    Try this:

    1) In the app go to Settings -> Game Install/Update
    2) Scroll down to Game Updates
    3) Under Automatic Updates click "Game specific settings"
    4) Chose which games you want to auto update and which games you never want to update. The ones selected with "never" should never prompt the toast.