lags everywhere -_-

  • hey i bought the game today and im having latency spikes
    how can i fix this?
  • Hello Kiraro!

    Sorry to hear you're having connection issues ><

    If you're on a wireless connection, and can switch to wired, I would definitely recommend testing on wired, as the hard connection is prone to less interference than wireless can.

    If you are on wireless and can't work around that, let's check some other common connection troubleshooting:

    Troubleshooting Connection and Latency Issues

    I want to call special attention to power-cycling the network hardware, flushing your computer's DNS cache, and configuring your Windows firewall settings.

    We can also run a network test to see if there's anything in between you and us causing issues:

    Running a Pathping

    The results of that can be pasted into a forum post reply.

    Best of luck in your adventures :)