Cant start game

  • I cant start the game i keep recieving this error
    please help!
  • Hey there xLightSnow,

    Looking over the crash log on our end, this appears to be a crash related to the graphics drivers.

    Lets go ahead and try downloading and installing the latest Nvidia drivers for your 850M. Here's the link:

    Once that has been done you can try launching the game again. If it's still crashing please try turning off any overlay or video capturing software. You can also try disabling the Streaming feature in the app Settings.
  • Hey all,

    It sounds like a recent Windows 10 update may be the culprit to many of these crashes.

    Like ErisedDeSang mentioned above go ahead and try disabling the Xbox Game DVR in Windows 10.

    How to disable Windows 10 Game DVR
  • Hey SilentEvil,

    For BLZBNTAGT00000840 we have seen it be caused by some security programs. Adding Diablo III to the security program's exclusion/exception list can help fix this.

    Beyond that the basic and advanced steps here can help fix this error too.