Lag and disconnections

  • Several days ago, I started getting frequently disconnected. It usually happens when I'm transitioning from one area to another, sometime during the loading screen. The loading will appear to take longer than usual, and then I will receive the message that says my game client got disconnected from the server.

    The game has also started lagging or stuttering badly, and that seems to happen before or maybe between disconnections.

    My boyfriend and I sit next to each other, and we're using the same network and router; we're even plugged into the exact same router. But, he does *not* have these issues.

    I don't know what to do because this is super frustrating, and I don't really understand most of the advanced computer/tech vocabulary a lot of people use on these forums . . . Can someone provide some easy, basic instructions on what all I should be doing? Or perhaps point me to resources that are easy for laymen to understand?

    Thank you.
  • Hey there Merfling,

    Since the issue is only showing up on your PC and you're both hooked into the same router it sounds like it is either an issue on your PC or an issue with the ethernet cable / network card in your PC.

    Here are some steps that I would recommend starting with:

    Hopefully these help out!