D3 crashes after hitting play on the loader.

  • So this is the code I get that I was supposed to report here.


    And if I attempt to load D3 again I get another random code:


    I hope that makes sense to someone. I am basically clicking my icon, pressing play on the loader, the screen goes black and then it comes up with the error code. Not sure what it means or why it is doing it as it was working a few days ago.
  • SamuraiSushi,

    The codes you see aren't random, and they'll always be different. They're uniquely generated for each crash instance and how we look them up internally when users submit them.

    Your crash logs indicate a couple of possible problem areas. One is the ATI video drivers. I can't see which release you have or which video card model you have but you'd want to check to make sure you're using the latest drivers for it.

    http://www.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx - hover over the Find a Driver tab on the upper right and fill out the info.

    The other possible cause is the Big Foot Killer Network Card software you're running. If you can, try uninstalling it.

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