Transfer PS3 to PS4 Ultimate Evil Edition

  • I know that this has been answered over and over again i'm sure, but my issue is it seems that I need to still have my PS3 with my D3 digital copy. I just of course bought a PS4 and decided that the PS3 was not needed anymore, well that's just how things go I guess. But I did wonder if there was anything I could do at all to be able to get my transfer. I would really like to have my special items like the wings and I believe a nag ring that you got for buying D3 on Playstation network on PS3. Thanks for reading and I hope someone might have a answer for me.

  • Hi Purpose,

    The following support article lists the details of the transfer exportation process.

    As stated there, to engage the transfer of the save data for the new console (same manufacturer) you first need to export the save from your original Diablo III. To do so, that game would require patching to 1.0.3 (1.0.4 on PS3), after which point the 'Export Save' option would need to be selected from the More section of the main menu. Unfortunately, if you are unable to proceed with those steps then you'll be unable to access that data on the new console.