Getting disconnected after using waypoint

  • Almost every single time my barbarian uses a waypoint (or sometimes just entering a new area that has to be loaded), I get disconnected ('the client has been disconnected from the server, etc.). However, if I don't get d/c'ed from the waypoint, I can play succesfully (in whatever area I warped to) with little to no lag, and definitely no disconnects. Another interesting part of this is that using town portal never causes a problem, nor does entering a random dungeon (the ones that only show up randomly and usually have 2 levels). This has become very frustrating because just getting to a location to BEGIN farming can be impossible sometimes, and other times when I manage to get 5 stacks, as soon as I try to go to a new area, NOPE! DISCONNECTED!

    Please help!

    p.s. why can't get my avatar to be the diablo 3 one almost everyone else has instead of a WoW character that I haven't played in over a year??
  • Gwyneva,

    What kind of internet connection are you using?

    For the avatar issue, open any thread and click the Reply button. Then click the down arrow on the current avatar in that area and you should see the various ones you can use for posting.

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