Error 3007 related HC Death

  • Here's what happened:
    I logged in to my account
    I selected my lvl 53 HC Demon Hunter
    I went to the cemetery WP in act 1
    As soon as i clicked the WP - error 3007 and disconnects me
    Immediately log back in to my account (within about 5 seconds)
    LvL 53 HC Demon Hunter dead

    I hate to sound like a poor sport here, but I'm more than happy to have a HC character die if I'm bad at the game or make a mistake, but in my 53 levels with the Demon Hunter, I never even had a close call. This error wasted approximately 27 hours of my life and essentially 95% of my total HC "worth" in gear. This was not due to an internet outage or any computer issues as I had no interruption in any other running online service.

    I am seeking one of the following resolutions:
    1.) Research whatever character logs may be available to determine that your error, and your error only, caused my first and only HC death and rollback my character before your error happened.
    2.) I would like a refund of the purchase price of the game as HC was the final thing I was interested in. I have no intentions on wasting another 30 hours rebuilding a farming character.

    This error on top of the many softcore changes have left a bad taste in my mouth for both the Diablo Franchise and Blizzard as a whole. This would not happen if a single player option was available. Choosing option 1 would retain a life-long Diablo customer (since the original Diablo). Option 2 is the absolute bare minimum of customer service that you can provide.

    If I need to post this somewhere else or I need to submit some sort of report, please link me to any necessary information.

    Thank you,
  • charlie,

    I'm really sorry for the loss of your Hardcore character, but we're not able to restore it. When you choose to play Hardcore, you accept the risks that go along with it, which include internet interruptions, game bugs, acts of God, anything. It's a very strict policy that we've been adhering to since Diablo II. We do not restore dead Hardcore characters for any reason.

    As for a refund, I'm afraid that's not going to be possible now either. You've already been playing the game for over 2 months and have 2 other level 60's, non-hardcore.