Champion pack and Witch Doctor pet bug.

  • There is currently a bug where an enemy in a champ pack will ignore your pets, and subsequently be ignored by your pets.

    This means for a Pet Witch Doctor, if the last mob in a champ pack decides to bug out, I have no way of killing it without dragging other mobs to it for area damage. The mob also refuses to follow or move at all and simply stands in place. Nothing I could do would get the mob to interact with me again. Oddly enough, my follower still attacks the mob and has no issues with his AI.

    Here is a video link displaying the bug on 2.4.1 live. This video was taken earlier today 4/28/16.

    Hopefully this gets investigated, quite frustrating in a Greater Rift.
  • Hey there,

    We're definitely interested in exploring this further. Could you let me know a few details?

      Could you share your exact build and gear loadout at the time this issue occurred? Feel free to use a service like D3Planner so you can change your character around if needed.Was there any other unusual pet behavior or strange skill combinations leading up to this moment? The more specific, the better!Did anything else seem unusual or amiss, like monster behavior or issues with the environment?

    If this happens to occur again and you take additional video, please share it with us! That's also particularly helpful. :) Thanks!