Fresh Meat N' Greet - Baconinja#1209

  • The world of Sanctuary is a BIG place, defended by hundreds of thousands of heroes each and every day. To help you get to know some of these fellow nephalem a little better, we've created the Fresh Meat N' Greet.

    The Fresh Meet N' Greet is a recurring series of interviews featuring you, our community. A few times each month, we'll sit down and chat with six different community members, one for each class, and then post our Q&As right here in these forums.

    Up this week for Barbarians: Baconinja#1209

    Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

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    Grimiku: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Baconinja#1209: Hello fans. I'm page's second choice for this round's Fresh Meat 'N Greet.
    If you don't already know, I'm a full time D3 forum poster. During my forum breaks I do software development work in the Financial sector. Really boring stuff. I help evil people make even more money. Does that make me evil too? I don't know. It has been bothering me lately. I would rather be writing code for D3!

    I like bacon. And I sometimes take other people's bacon. Hence the name. I have a very addictive personality. When I get hooked on something, I find it a huge struggle to get away from it. This includes games, food, cancer sticks, and women.

    I would say that I'm a very serious guy. The type that never jokes around; and I always disapprove of any sort of childish behavior.

    Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

    Baconinja#1209: I've had a number of hobbies over the years. I've been playing the guitar since I was 13. Now I'm 78 years old, so that is quite a while. I also dabbled a little bit in boxing and poker some years back.

    The few that have always sticked with me are books, pc games and the guitar.

    Good looks a talent? That's more of a gift right? Well, I guess I have zero talent then.

    Grimiku: What’s your history as a gamer, and with the Diablo franchise?

    Baconinja#1209: I grew up playing Megaman in NES. That game is probably the most memorable one for me.

    I think the first game in the pc that I got really hooked on was Starcraft. I played Brood War a ton in our crappy dial up connection.

    I discovered Diablo 1 through my uncle. I remember playing it while listening to his heavy metal records. Everytime I listen to Sabbath nowadays, it brings back Diablo memories of old.
    Then of course I played through Diablo 2, but not a lot. Diablo 3 is really where I really got hooked. I think we tend to over criticize the game a lot of times, but D3 is an amazing game and my all time favorite.

    Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

    Baconinja#1209: I'm a fan of Metal Gear and Tomb Raider games. Other than that, I ocassionally play DOTA 2 with real life friends.

    Grimiku: Do you play any other classes?

    Baconinja#1209: Not at the moment. In season 2, I was a part time Crusader to get access to higher keys and higher greater rifts. Blizzard please fix!

    Grimiku: Are you in a great clan or community? If yes, tell us about them!

    Baconinja#1209: I started a clan with people I know when RoS came out. Over time they stopped playing until I was the only one remaining.
    So I left my humble clan and joined Tao's clan. We're not a top clan by any means (we don't do exploits). We're just a bunch of semi-casual players who likes to have fun with the game.

    Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

    Baconinja#1209: Back in patch 2.0, I came up with a support Raekor build. The idea was to pull as many enemies to my teammates so they can do all the dps and have all the fun. I am kind of selfless that way. So I took my weapon off and started dragging mobs to my very eager teammates. Unfortunately I was in a pub game, and in pub games you never really know how things will play out. Well, I ended up killing them... Over and over and over.

    At first, I thought they probably just needed more targets for better area damage and whatnot, so I dragged more elite packs, but they ended up dying faster! It was really embarrassing and very disheartening.

    I even posted a video of it here in the forums, as a proof of concept. Obviously, the motivation was to urge my barbarian brethren to share the fun in pub games and change our reputation of being 'ball hogs'. My good intentions were misconstrued as trolling and I got a forum suspension. Was it you who banned me Grim btw? Say it ain't so!

    Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

    Baconinja#1209: Back in Patch 2.0, I came up with a support Raekor build... Oh wait. Hmm every time I see Stonesinger!

    Grimiku: What drew you to the Barbarian?

    Baconinja#1209: It makes me feel like a real man. Not that I am not in real life. Nothing like that at all.

    Grimiku: What type of Barbarian are you: sword-and-board, in-your-face melee master, long-distance damage dealer?

    Baconinja#1209: I'm like most barbs. I am what you call a 'flavor of the patch' barb. I play whatever top spec the devs decide in their project meetings. So now I'm a WW barb. If I had unlimited access to higher keys, I'd be a Raekor barb.

    Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

    Baconinja#1209: Seismic slam! Nothing feels more barbaric than slamming the ground your foes are standing on. I really wish that all runes have a knock up effect and for it to get a slight proc coefficient buff.

    Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

    Baconinja#1209: Been playing with the popular WW builds as of late. It's at this very fun stage where the meta is still evolving. So far I like the overall feel of high Cdr 6pc Wastes build. It's a little ironic because I've always wanted to move away from cooldowns. Now that I can, I'm still stacking CDR :|

    Grimiku: Are you currently chasing a specific item? What is it, and why are you after it?

    Baconinja#1209: I've been gambling for bracers ever since patch 2.2 came out to get the ever elusive and most sought after Mortick's Bracers. I think I'm at 100 thousand shards now but still no luck :(

    Not complaining though, I can understand why such a powerful item that promotes a very flexible and diversified gameplay is very rare in this game.

    Grimiku: If you could build a set around a skill, what skill would you pick and what would the set do?

    Baconinja#1209: Seismic slam of course. Since you guys already have plans on updating the Might of the Earth set (so they say), I think seismic slam would fit in nicely there.

    2pc: Seismic slam triggers avalanche
    4pc: Cause an Earthquake when you land after using leap.
    Leap can be cast again within 2 seconds before the cool down begins (Lut Socks is now part of the set)
    6pc: You take 50% less damage inside your earthquake. Enemies inside your Earthquake take 600% more damage from avalanche.
    I think that will be a fun way to make us balance Cdr and damage. Most importantly, CC187 would be happy!

    Earthquake becomes a strategic skill instead of the main source of damage.
    Avalanche becomes the main source of damage while seismic slam is the means to proc it. There's already a mighty belt that will let us suck enemies into the EQ through ground stomp, and do damage with the avalanche proc. We can get additional mitigation from APD and freeze from EQ an Avalanche. While you're at it, please fix Focus and Restraint to work with leap and ground stomp please.

    A problem with this suggestion is that it will be better not to cast avalanche due to the slower animation (remove avalanche cast animation?) Another problem is that it will drive other classes crazy with all the falling boulders. I guess that lives up to barb's reputation of being annoying in groups!

    Grimiku: If there was one thing you could change about this class, what would it be?

    Baconinja#1209: If you asked me this before 2.2, I would have said less reliance to cool down reduction. But I think you guys did a splendid job in 2.2 with the WW specs and perma WoTB. So thanks and please relay my gratitude to John Yang and his sidekicks.
    To answer the question, I'm going to do a CC187 and ask for more game changing Mighty Weapons. Cmon fellas, just bump that task from your backlog.

    Grimiku: Pick a Barbarian quote!

    Baconinja#1209: "I'm hurt."
    I think it's adorable when my manly barb shows his sensitive side.

    Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Barbarian should know:

    Baconinja#1209: If you're having survival issues in greater rifts, you should try using Aughild's set. Have you tried Aughild's Grim?
  • [WHO'S NEXT?]

    Grimiku: Which Barbarian should we interview next?

    Baconinja#1209: My first choice is my good friend Meathead Mikhail, but he was already interviewed in the sader forums. So I'll have to go with the next deserving (but equally respected) candidate, Shadow. You've heard of him right? He's kind of the new big deal around here.

    Shadow is a valuable member of the Diablo 3 community. His builds and mechanics knowledge are not quite on par with Mikhail's, but they're still top notch. His best work so far is pignado, but his latest WW STDPS analysis is gaining some traction. While you're at it Grim, can you please make that post a sticky? Here's thread:

    Grimiku: Pick a question to ask in the next interview!

    Baconinja#1209: Isn't this where I get to ask the next person a question? I think I like that question better. Edited your original question.

    Shadow, bloodshed double dipping was 'fixed' and toxin is pretty much not used in current Raekor builds. In addition to that, unity + soj is now replaced with FnR. So does furious charge still work with strongarm?

    Grimiku: If you could steal one skill from another class, what would it be and why?

    That's actually a great question! Did you come up with that one Grim?
    I hardly play other classes, so I only know a few. But right now I would steal Condemn - Vacuum. This will let me pull mobs while twirling!

    Got any questions yourself for Baconinja#1209? Post them below!