Black screen at launch - Windows 10

  • Got a new Asus Laptop with Windows 10 already installed. so when I get home, I download and install Diablo 3 completely. Then I hit Play, it loads up... then just a black screen, I hear the sounds and I can move the mouse around, but a black screen.

    I have tried the windowed mode, but playing with the borders and in windowed mode is annoying. If you have any solutions to make it full screen and run how it's supposed to like before, then i'd greatly appreciate it!

    Specs of my laptop:
    My laptop processor- Intel(R) Core(Tm) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz
    RAM- 6.00GB
    System Type- 64-bit

    I have checked DxDiag and everything seemed up to date also. If you need anymore information, I can get you it. Please help.
  • DannyInfect,

    So can I assume from your description that windowed mode works ok? If so, have you also tried enabling vsync and then trying it in full screen mode?

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  • DarlzaGorath,

    Using your new laptop, connect to your Account Management page and under the Summary Tab, select Diablo III and you should see where you can download the game client.