Fresh Meat N' Greet - kingdo#1687

  • The world of Sanctuary is a BIG place, defended by hundreds of thousands of heroes each and every day. To help you get to know some of these fellow nephalem a little better, we've created the Fresh Meat N' Greet.

    The Fresh Meet N' Greet is a recurring series of interviews featuring you, our community. A few times each month, we'll sit down and chat with six different community members, one for each class, and then post our Q&As right here in these forums.

    Up this week for Barbarians: kingdo#1687

    Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

    General Info
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    Grimiku: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    kingdo#1687: I'm a 33 year old dude that lives in the most hipster towns in America, Portland, Oregon. I'm engaged to my wonderful partner Jenny and we are getting married this summer (first for both of us!) My grandparents (mother's side) were both rocket scientists, and grandma came up with the rocket fuel that sent the first American satellite in to space.

    Shameless plug for my grandma and her wikipedia page.

    Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

    kingdo#1687: Yes! My main hobbies are hiking/backpacking. Not your normal family 2 mile hike either, mine are usually 14-25+miles and up and down mountains.
    I also play drums, practice on average every other day. I am an active online gamer, and a single malt whisky/craft beer enthusiast. And I just recently started getting in to cooking

    Grimiku: What’s your history as a gamer, and with the Diablo franchise?

    kingdo#1687: I've been playing games since early NES days. When I got a 486x computer with 4 megs of RAM I started a lot of PC gaming. Played a ton of every blizzard game made by Bill Roper. Spent wayyyyy too much play time on World of Warcraft for like 3 years.

    Started at Diablo 1. I had the highest legit-non-dupe character I knew of, which was a 46 sorceror (or was it wizard than?) I also Played Vanilla D2, and the expansion where I actually played that for a living for about 6 months. Back in the early early days of exchanging online items for real money when Ebay was in it's infancy.

    Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

    kingdo#1687: Twilight Zone Pinball machine, Final Fantasy Tactics, Megaman series, first 3 mario karts, warcraft 2, starcraft, diablo 2/3. My favorite game of all time is this obscure older PC game called Starcontrol 2. Also really loved League of Legends which I quit playing when Reaper of Souls came out.

    Grimiku: Do you play any other classes?

    kingdo#1687: I played witch doctor for a tiny bit when barbs had no place in higher greater rifts. But no, I have 4 barbs right now.

    Grimiku: Are you in a great clan or community? If yes, tell us about them!

    kingdo#1687: Yes, In to the Fray. Small clan of people like myself, I love it. Good smart players that are skilled that are also layed back and are competitive but not hyper competitive.

    Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

    kingdo#1687: If just D3, was when I was pushing to be like top 25 or so at the time and I got the 3rd best boss possible with a conduit pylon with plenty of time left. I than proceeded to die something like 4 or 5 times to terrible play errors and lost by 2 seconds.

    Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

    kingdo#1687: For D3, just recently actually I did a greater rift 53 on the first try with my own build I innovated after brainstorming it in my head for hours while hiking up and down a mountain. I was super proud of that cause I had figured everything out by myself without reading any info or guides about it.

    But in gaming in general, when I was competitively playing PVP in World of Warcraft in the most competitive battlegroup, we beat the #1 team like 7 games in a row one day. Than also in a different season we beat a very popular #1 team with the jankiest of team setup ever.

    Also beating Battletoads, generally considered one of the hardest games of all time, without using any sort of save state.

    Grimiku: What drew you to the Barbarian?

    kingdo#1687: Initially... because they were the only class that had strength on items so they had cheap stuff on the Auction Hall. I quit vanilla d3 like 3x, when RoS came out the changes you guys implemented with adventure mode, rift system, blood shard system, and paragon points really added a ton of depth to end game. I probably wouldn't be playing now if expansion was remotely close to vanilla. That said I like tanky/dps characters in league of legends so I stuck with that play style as barb.

    Grimiku: What type of Barbarian are you: sword-and-board, in-your-face melee master, long-distance damage dealer?

    kingdo#1687: I guess long distance damage dealer? I charge from long distances away, and my tornadoes are a projectile.

    I like to generate death and destruction via earthquakes and tornadoes. Consider me an elements God.

    Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

    kingdo#1687: I'm a pretty big fan of Earthquake Cave in. It's an AoE ground damage over time effect, making it pretty much the hardest type of damage to use effectively. Takes a lot of skill to play/use it. Building and playing around a skill that has limitations is much more fun and challenging than having something handed to you on a platter that's easy to use and a no brainer.

    Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

    kingdo#1687: Wastenado. 6 Wastes with bul kathos weapons and elements ring. Currently trying out the high CDR version of the build where I have 2/3 of physical elements rotation is up during Wrath of the Berserker wich is insane damage.

    Grimiku: Are you currently chasing a specific item? What is it, and why are you after it?

    kingdo#1687: 2 Ancient Bul kathos swords with str/vit/high base dmg so I can reroll that socket to whatever is the build I'm trying for.

    Grimiku: If you could build a set around a skill, what skill would you pick and what would the set do?

    kingdo#1687: I like skills that are limited like earthquake cause it shows off player skill when they get them to work.
    I'd like to see Might of the Earth 6 do insane single target damage and also somehow benefit allies so barbs have a place in group, and are also able to kill Rift Guardians in a reasonable time. I was thinking something like "enemies take +50% additional damage each second while in the same Earthquake."

    Grimiku: If there was one thing you could change about this class, what would it be?

    kingdo#1687: Please no more trials :( they are so unfun and un rewarding and time consuming. They've been complained about by a large # of people for a long period of time.

    And also: Group buffs for sure. You guys give crusaders and Witch doctors and monks insane group buffs and our only good one is Warcry.

    Grimiku: Pick a Barbarian quote!

    kingdo#1687: I can not afford that.
    Because I as well can not afford many things I like.

    Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Barbarian should know:

    kingdo#1687: Play what's fun to you, not what's best.
    I really didn't like the 2.1-2.11 raekors so I played leapquake instead.
  • [WHO'S NEXT?]

    Grimiku: Which Barbarian should we interview next?

    kingdo#1687: I'm a pretty big fan of Shadow#11506
    Dude is super helpful, makes guides and runs analysis', and is also very polite and reasonable. His contributions are recognized by majority of people and he'd probably give a good interview.

    Grimiku: Pick a question to ask in the next interview!

    kingdo#1687: How many table spoons of peanut butter can you fit in your mouth and still speak a comprehensible sentence?

    Grimiku:How often do you have a spreadsheet open while you’re playing D3? Anything you’d like to share with us about the process of writing a guide or analysis?

    kingdo#1687: "Be right, but be polite." When you are a jerk or hostile when it comes to forums (or any conversation in real life) you can be 100% right and still not get your message through if people think you're a jackass. And I pretty much never do spread sheets. I try to play as much as I can and leave the number crunching to other people.

    Got any questions yourself for kingdo#1687? Post them below!