It's that time: LF Barbarian MVP

  • Barbies!

    The word is that the hunt for a new barbarian MVP is on.

    For more information on the MVP Program, check out:

    It was kind of on and off throughout the past year looking for new MVPs and the process has been slow. However, since the search has more or less been rebooted, I'd like to leave this thread here so the community can have its say.

    Blizzard MVPs are not Blizzard employees. Any work we do is strictly voluntary. MVPs are players just like everyone else, have no special powers and have no special rights.
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  • 08/14/2014 07:21 PMPosted by CC123
    So, any news Blues/greens?

    Thought it might have closed by now, or we would have had a result, I think barbs really do need at least one MVP.


    It's still on our radar, but we've been really busy, too. I'm glad to see a bunch of great candidates in this thread, and am really looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Rock on, Barbarians.