2.1 Gems, which gems will pet doctors use?

  • I'm asking this because, the two gems I see high ranking individuals use on PTR is the Pet Gem, fully upgraded for invulnerable pets. And the CDR+Swiftness Gem which has a cap of 10 stacks.

    On other other hand, Wizards for instance tend to use the gem that increases damage by 1% after spending primary resource as well as the one that increases damage against foes suffering from control impairing effects.

    This leaves me worried because while the most relevant gems for a WD have hard caps and can only be upgraded so far, the Wizard ones can be upgraded infinitely. After two or three weeks when we have our Pet gems and Swiftness gems fully upgraded, how are we really going to move on from there?

    Do we have a viable infinite scaling gem?
  • 07/31/2014 05:01 PMPosted by heath
    I plan to run the enforcer, bane of the powerful, and probably bane of the trapped. The gem I'd most easily swap to something else out of those 3 would be the trapped.

    I think the Bane of the Trapped looks like it could be pretty wicked when combined with Strongarm Bracer. I guess time will tell if it's a good combo, but these are the same gems I've got my sights on.

    Someone in the office pointed out that Zei's Stone of Vengeance could be pretty interesting for pet builds too, but admittedly I haven't dug around to find out if it works or not.