No multiplayer bonus in console version?

  • I heard that console version patch is 1.07..does this mean that there is no multiplayer bonus for console version?

    If yes, playing co-op is pointless and useless.
  • The multiplayer xp/mf bonus made it into the console version, and is available for local coop and online multiplayer.
  • Monster density has been custom tailored for the consoles, since the pace of combat is different than the PC counterpart. We wanted to make sure combat flow was smooth and action packed, so you can be sure that we've kept that in mind as we adjusted the density.
  • 06/12/2013 01:54 PMPosted by Zombie
    Let me be more specific: The monster density updates you added in 1.08 JUST for inferno, is that coming to console?

    Yes and no.

    Difficulty levels and Monster Power operate a little differently on console. There will still be Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno, and completing one mode will unlock the next mode -- just like on PC. Also, within each of these modes players will able to select from different difficulty levels to suit their preferred level of challenge. On console, however, there are only 8 settings: Easy, Medium, Hard, Master I, Master II, Master III, Master IV, and Master V. At Medium and higher in Inferno, density does increase, but the increase won't be as significant as what you'd typically see on PC (due to performance issues). Similar to MP on PC, higher difficulty settings present more powerful enemies that will have opportunity to reward players with more powerful loot.

    For perspective, here's the current scaling (note that this may change before we ship):

    • Easy = Monster Power 0
    • Medium = Monster Power 2
    • Hard = Monster Power 4
    • Master I = Monster Power 6
    • Master II = Monster Power 7
    • Master III = Monster Power 8
    • Master IV = Monster Power 9
    • Master V = Monster Power 10

    Hope that helps!