The barbs of each era

  • Its kinda funny to see over time how the forum evolves.

    Vanilla (HOTA era): Pri
    Vanilla (WW era): Nubtro, Planet, a few others
    ROS early days (MOTE era): CC, Tao, Kingdo
    ROS 2.1 (Raekor Era): page, zapro
    ROS 2.2 (Wastes Ea): Nubtro is back.
    ROS 2.3 (HOTA): Pri
    ROS 2.4 (MOTE returns): CC, Tao, Kingdo - they're already nerding out with IK MOTE.
    ROS 2.5 (Raekor returns): page?

    Through it all though, one constant: Bacon playing the OP set and cheesing the meta.
  • I hope this thread gets updated again after the next content patch. Knowing what I know about John Yang's plans for the Might of the Earth set, and all.
  • 09/17/2015 12:10 PMPosted by Throndhart
    Now, if you'd said that about the MotE set AND the Raekor set, I'd be ecstatic.

    You know, oddly enough my second favorite set happens to be Raekor. Maybe I should ask John about it today.

    09/16/2015 06:18 PMPosted by Bloodyzbub
    Oh, and Grim...please pass on to him that Hota is fantastic. It's actually better than what we had in vanilla. Bloody is saying it so you know it's true.

    You bet! I should see him in just a few minutes, actually, so I'd be happy to let him know.