Can't Cube Fulminator on my DH

  • Seems that for some reason, on PC DH's can equip Swords but Console version can't, this is huge because the best DH build in the game right now (top 2 at least) would use the Fulminator in the K-Cube as a lightning build, and we are not able to do so....

  • 11/03/2015 04:00 PMPosted by Aegorex
    No promise that is coming to console thou. They try to keep it similar to pc but no promises. Dh maybe will be able to cube melee in future patch. Far as them actually doing melee the code from understanding would need to be rewritten. It's not an on off switch.

    We're still doing our best to make sure that Ultimate Evil Edition on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have the same content as the PC version. I don't intend to speculate what will be in any future content update, but any class adjustments would be very likely to show up on UEE if it's in the PC version.