Screenshots I take are not In-game screenshots?

  • So I wanted to be a part of the "Play Your Way Thursday" and I saw that I could upload screenshots so I go into a GR 65, completely blow it out of the water, and taking progressive shots here and there. When I find the screenshots, they are all of the open app on my screen behind Diablo 3.....not screenshots of the actual gameplay. Why is this?
  • Hello,

    This is an odd one. Was not able to recreate this on my end. If you are using another program to take screen shot or some key combination, see if just pressing Print Screen on the keyboard helps. See if changing Diablo III to windows, windows(fullscreen) or fullscreen modes helps.

    Try running the game with the[url=""] Run as Administrator option[/url]. Please note this is different than being logged in on an Administrator account on the computer.

    Run the computer in a selective startup mode.