Zombie Dogs Bugged

  • So it looks like the changes to zombie dogs didn't go through at all.

    I made another topic about various worries associated with this.

    But BlizzardCS requested I make another topic.

    So aside from my worries that zombie dogs on consoles wouldn't get damage compensation for having just one dog like they did before. (Console is 47% and pc is 30% b/c we get 1 less dog.)

    They didn't apply the patch's buff at all to the console, but the runes read buffed. I don't see buffed damage coming from the runes either.

    Also the buffed runes don't compensate for lack of dog. Rabid and burning dogs need increased damage, and each dog does.

    But like I said, zombie dogs are useless in 2.4 high grift on console until they fix this.
  • 01/13/2016 07:00 AMPosted by Oceanbuffalo
    Patch 2.3

    PC - Summons 3 dogs for 30% Damage as Physical each

    Console - Summons 2 dogs for 47% Damage as Physical each

    Patch 2.4

    PC - Summons 3 dogs for 120% Damage as Physical each = 360% total

    Console - Summons 2 dogs for 47% Damage as Physical each = 94% total

    This is a bug. Our intention is for the Console numbers to match the PC numbers. Thanks for bringing this up!

    Please note. I don't have an ETA for you. We'll look into hotfixing and if not then a future patch. (What does and doesn't get hotfixed usually comes down to the underlying technical implementation)
  • 01/13/2016 01:09 PMPosted by homerjnick
    How can Zombie Dogs match PC when the Console version has one less dog?

    Console would go up a dog.
  • 01/13/2016 02:02 PMPosted by Oceanbuffalo
    Agreed, not too sure why we get 1 less dog. Is it just no feasible? I dont think thats the case cause you can get up to 5 with passives. Who knows, it is odd though.

    Console having 1 less dog is historical

    With the PS3 and 360 versions of the game it both put a little more performance cost on those systems and having many pets out in same-screen co-op caused a lot of clutter, so we went down to 2 dogs per witchdoctor and increased the damage.

    Next Gen systems don't have the same performance issues, and we also don't see 6 zombie dogs per player in 4-player shared-screen co-op to be the most visually noisy thing that can happen based on the way Diablo has evolved. So we are putting the extra dog back.

    Rest assured the dog was well cared for while on sabbatical.
  • Hm, this hotfix should be live on both consoles as of yesterday. Hang tight and let me investigate.

    Thanks for the reports, folks!
  • Unfortunately, this hotfix did not make it out yesterday. :( Apologies for the miscommunication. Currently, we do not have an ETA for its arrival, but it is being worked on.