Bought Reaper of Souls but can't play it.

  • Hi all.

    I just bought RoS after playing and trying out the regular Diablo 3, but it doesnt seem to start. On my account it says that its been activated but I can's choose adventure or play act 5 or anything. Is there a level cap or something I have missed (currently lvl 52).
  • Lefty138,

    Could you try it again please? As long as you're able to create a Crusader, your account has access to the Reaper of Souls Expansion.

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  • Ainszou,

    The account from which you're posting only had the Diablo III Starter Edition on it right now. Before you can add the key for the Reaper of Souls expansion, you need to actually purchase the full version of the main Diablo III game first.

    If you buy the games from our Blizzard store, the keys are automatically attached to your account, but if you buy the game from somewhere else, you need to use the Add a Game button on your Account Management page.
  • Zakaf,

    You have the same issue the poster Ainszou has. You need to purchase the regular Diablo II game before you can add the expansion. Right now, you only have the free Starter Edition on your account.
  • rafailis3142,

    The account you're using to post only has a Starter Edition of Diablo III added today. It looks like you figured out which of your other accounts to use as I see you now have a level 14 Crusader.