Stuck on Starter Edition when i bought game

  • I have played the starter edition and have upgraded my starter edition account and purchased a digital copy of the full game. I have not recieved a new CD key or anything to put in as i done a digital download. I have gone into my account and looked at my Diablo 3 game account and it says that it is active and the full game is installed. When i go into the actual game and go to my hero list it keeps coming up with upgrade to full version.

    Anyone got any tips to help me resolve this would be greatly appreciated seeing as i have had a ticket going for 4 days now with no response.

    Cheers in advance
  • lupus ,

    What exactly leads you to the conclusion "This is the worst support ever"? What support have you asked for and not received?

    What makes you believe you can't go further than Act1? You're level 10, I assume you killed the Skeleton King? He is not the end of Act 1, you need to go under his throne to continue on with the rest of the act.

    Also, You have a European account and are playing only on the European region. You should be posting in the European forums for help with issues. EU tech forum