Trouble Opening Diablo 3

  • When I open icon, and select my game, Diablo 3. It is trying to down an update, or a patch. It continues to say "We're having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection and try again." I have followed all the steps from the help topic it suggests, and nothing seems to work. I have a perfectly fine internet connection, I have scanned and repaired files. What else can I try?
  • Hey ackleyx,

    Can you try the following steps for me:

    1. Power cycle the modem/router and move to a wired connection if you're not already using one.

    2. Sometimes, game files and cached Bnet app files can become corrupt, so, we need to delete those files and force the Bnet app to install new fresh files! To do that:
    - Close any Blizzard programs (Agent, game launcher, or game installer).
    - Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the Task Manager.
    - Click the Processes tab.
    - Select agent.exe and click End Process.
    - Navigate to the folder containing the Bnet app cache directory:
    - Press Windows Key+R to open the Run dialogue.
    - Type the following into the Run field and press Enter: C:\ProgramData\
    - Delete the Blizzard Entertainment and folders in the directory.
    - Launch the desktop app and let it install any updates

    ***NOTE*** This will cause the Bnet app to forget the install location of your Blizzard games. After relaunching the app you'll be prompted with a 'scan for games' option, use that to let the app rediscover where your Blizzard games are installed. If one of your games is missing from the list, use the 'locate game' option to manually show the app where the game is installed.