Resolution Unsupported...All of them.

  • It's been several months since I've last played, and the last time was without issue. However, I came back today and attempted to launch the game. The game client updated, and now when I attempt to log in, it sends a message that my screen resolution is unsupported. It does this with every screen resolution I try. It blacks out my screen and I have to reset my computer in order to get a screen back. Is it something with the new updates? Is there a specific resolution I should try? Right now, I'm at 1360x768. My screen won't go much higher, and going lower still gets me the black screen with the unsupported message.
  • Hey there Selindica,

    Thanks for getting us those logs, they definitely help identify what the issue is. So it looks like your DXDIAG isn't able to detect your monitor info and it is actually showing 1920 x 1080 for your desktop resolution. Given that info and that you mentioned your resolution is 1360x768 it sounds like you might be playing using a TV for your display, which can cause some unexpected behavior with Diablo 3.

    From the D3Debug:
    2016.10.23 13:09:06.203221200 Device supports the following modes:
    2016.10.23 13:09:06.319190700 1360x768, 60 Hz, 32 bits, Format = 22

    What you'll need to do in this case is either force Diablo 3 to run in Windowed mode or manually edit the D3Prefs file to change the resolution to match your desktop resolution. Use the steps here: