Game Freezing on Start Up [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    Has this happened to anyone since the last update?
    My game keeps freezing/crashing on the authentication server page. It completely freezes the computer. I can not alt-tab out of the screen, I just need to restart the computer by holding the on/off button on my lap top.

    I have checked all the ways suggested by the mod in the EU help topic started by ackhie, except for re-installing the game or running the Memory Diagnostics.
    I will be trying these later today.

    Last time I was able to login was the 10th of September. I assumed it was something to do with the new patch but the patch is up to date, same with graphics cards.

    If anyone has had this problem or can suggest another solution it really be appreciated.

  • Howdy BuddaLeBeau!

    Generally the entire system freezing as you have described is indicative of a larger problem and not related to the game being launched. With that in mind, I suggest trying the steps listed below (I recommend the same for you, The1).

    1. Make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.

    2. Make sure that the operating system is up to date.

    3. Ensure that there aren't any applications or background processes slowing down the computer or conflicting with the game by doing a selective startup.

    Should you continue to run into these crashes after going through the three steps above, then please reply back here and provide the system's DxDiag in a code block.
  • Hey BuddaLeBeau,

    I think Boubou is right. The1 is likely referring to the XBox app that is installed with Windows10. This is absolutely something that can affect our games, specifically the DVR service that is automatically enabled with the most recent Windows10 update. To disable that you do need a Microsoft account, so, if you don't have one already I suggest creating one. To disable the Game DVR though:

    - press the start menu
    - search for XBox
    - open and log into the XBox app
    - click settings (gear icon in the lower left corner)
    - click over to the DVR tab and move the slider to the off position