Cant join the game, crashing

  • Hey, I wanted to play D3 after like 2 months, so I Updated the game today, logged into menu, started game, but after loading the game it always crashes like "Unable to join the game at this time" or "Your connection from server has been lost u have been disconnected" , and im in menu again. I really dont know what to do I tried reinstall battlenet client, I tried change some thingsi n config file, I tried lowest settings possible and nothing worked, Thanks for any suggestions!
  • Heyo sm0k3d4tsh1t!

    Read over this and I'd suggest disabling the Windows Game DVR first as its look likes you're on the Windows Anniversary Update:

    If you're still having issues let's go through and uninstall any Razer software to test as we're seeing this pop up in your crash logs:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<007A0000 00019000 "RazerHook32.dll"</code>