RESOLVED: Patching then installation issues on Windows 10

  • Hi,

    I recently updated to Windows 10 and this is the first time I have run Diablo 3 since the update. I opened the launcher and tried to update D3, but it told me it couldn't update, or to wait for other updates to finish. Upon googling this issue, I identified that closing all D3/bnet processes and deleting C:\ProgramData\ can resolve that issue. I did that, and it told me it had to reinstall D3. No matter, I read this is a common result if D3 is installed on another drive and to launch from that location. So I navigated to D:\Program Files\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe and it tells me to identify an Install Location. I changed the location to D:\Program Files and hit Continue, but it does nothing and let's me click Continue infinity times.

    I rebooted my PC and once again deleted the folder from C:\ProgramData, and still have the same thing.

    In order to get nuclear, I just said uninstall all of D3. I got some error, but then it left the list of programs in Windows 10 so I figured great. But it still won't progress through the initial installation screen.

    Any ideas? I'd be very much appreciative of what to try next...
  • Hey there Adun!

    Out of curiosity, is the D drive formatted as NTFS or are you using something else like exFAT? If the drive is not formatted as NTFS then that is likely going to be where your issue is.